Rolf Kühn
Rolf Kühn bestowed the Deutscher Jazzpreis Lifetime Achievement Award (shared with Joachim Kühn).

Reasoning of the Jury:

The winner of this year's Lifetime Achievement Award has been announced: Congratulations to Rolf Kühn and Joachim Kühn! This is awarded posthumously to Rolf Kühn, who sadly passed away in 2022.

"After a lively and emotional exchange about whether and to whom we would like to award this prize this year, we have decided to honor two legends of German jazz: Rolf Kühn and Joachim Kühn. While the brothers' lives reflect the epochal changes in German history, their musical contributions reflect the openness of German jazz. Not only in their home country, but all over the world, Rolf and Joachim Kühn are known for their musical curiosity and desire to break new ground − whether as solo artists, in various band formations, or playing together. Awarding them the German Jazz Prize not only honors their extraordinary lifetime achievements in music, but also recognizes their undeniable importance and great legacy in the German jazz scene." − Rabih Lahoud, Main Jury
Rolf Kühn
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